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We are located in Delta, British Columbia which is located on the Westcoast of Canada. All of our Portuguese Water Dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

  We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club

  All our Portuguese Water Dogs have been carefully selected to produce the best quality puppies. All our pets are raised underfoot which means that they are not raised in kennels or cages. Since we are small, each of our babies are given the proper socialization skills which will make the integration into their new homes a pleasurable experience for both family and pet. Puppies are raised with each other for maximum socialization.

  Our Portuguese Water Dogs are fed Orijen and Raw Food Diet which we make ourselves.  All treats are hand made by ourselves as we like to know what goes into our dogs food.

  The Portuguese Water Dogs are tested for Hips, CERF, Storage, Optigen and JDCM. This ensures that all our Breeding/Show Stock will produce the healthiest of Pets/Breeding and Show specimens.

  Each of our puppies go to their new homes at around 8 -12 weeks of age with a written contract that guarantees that they are free of serious health problems and genetic defects..

It is our #1 goal to produce healthy, genetically & physically sound puppies while preserving  the breed's natural working abilities, instincts, trainability and temperament. We choose each pairing for a breeding after hours of researching pedigrees to analyze health, structure and temperament in the ancestors of the potential breeding partners.  So whether your PWD is to be a show, obedience, agility or family dog, each litter is produced with the same goals in mind.  We feel very strongly about having health clearances (OFA, GM1, CERF, Optigen and JDCM) on all our dogs used for breeding.

We take great pride in producing high quality puppies. Our litters are whelped and raised as part of the family, and each puppy is given lots of individual care, love and attention. Daily contact and stimulation is important to the neurological development of young puppies, therefore, each one is handled and socialized extensively.

  We do have a priority waiting list for our Portuguese Water Dogs. A $200.00 deposit will hold your Pet Quality Portuguese Water Dog.  Priority will be given to approved homes. Payments can be made using VISA/MC via PAYPAL. These are non-refundable deposits. 

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